Animals and Animal Dreams II: The Fish

by Regina Abt-Baechi

Cover of book

Zurich 2019
hardcover, 272 pages, 41 mostly coloured illustrations, ISBN: 978-3-9524468-7-4

You might be wondering how it is possible to write an entire book on fish from a psychological standpoint. Apart from the biological creatures which are, in themselves, fascinating creatures, there is a rich palette of traditional folklore, fairy tales and mythological stories about fish. It is, therefore, not surprising that the fish often rises up out of the depths of the soul of modern man into his dreams.
We all dream, even if we are often not aware of it. We also know that both man and animals become ill if they are prevented from dreaming over a longer period of time. Thus, we may assume that, in some unknown way, dreaming keeps us healthy. Modern Depth Psychology has shown us that dreams produce images or symbols that convey meaning. This helps us to better understand both our own human nature and the nature of our invisible companions who influence our destiny. In this sense, dreams are a source of self-knowledge. On a collective level, they can provide us with information about our vital, inner, spiritual processes that shape both our culture and our communal lives. The fish is an especially meaningful symbol that appears to be pointing towards a possible, fundamental psychic renewal of our time from out of the depths of the unconscious psyche. The author investigates these themes in important dreams had by people today. Whilst moving within the field of dream interpretation and Depth Psychology, the book is also accessible to the interested layperson.

auf Deutsch verfügbar als Tiere und Tierträume II – Der Fisch.

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