Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum Vol I B

Cala 1BBook of the Explanation of the Symbols
Kitab Hall ar-Rumuz

Psychological Commentary by Theodor Abt

400 pages, hardbound, bibliography and index
ISBN 978‑3‑9522608‑8‑3

This second commentary on Muhammed ibn Umail’s Hall ar-rumuz (See CALA I) gives important additions and clarifications that had become possible in the light of other texts of Ibn Umail and authors quoted by him, which at the time when Dr von Franz wrote her first commentary (see CALA I A) were either poorly translated into Latin or not yet available in any European language. That allowed an enlarged understanding of this text, based on Ibn Umail’s own reflections. The text is accompanied by 100 illustrations that help the reader better to understand the symbolic world of Ibn Umail.

The book gives an improved translation of the Hall ar-rumuz, sectionswise, followed by a commentary.

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