Princess and Magic Horse

Psychological Interpretation of Three Fairy Tales

by Regina Abt-Baechi

190 pages, with 8 color illustrations, hardbound
ISBN 978-3-9523880-3-7

In her new book Princess and Magic Horse, Regina Abt-Baechi presents the psychological interpretation of the three fairy tales The Magic Horse, Ferdinand Faithful and Ferdinand Unfaithful as well as The Goosegirl.

Her interpretation is based on the earlier short interpretations by Barbara Hannah and Marie-Louise von Franz. The author ponders carefully over each motif and symbol of the fairy tales. She thereby focuses on the archetypal basis of the psyche, connecting it to examples of typical individual experiences. Thus the meaning of the whole fairy tale emerges more and more clearly. Together, the interpretation and the illustrations – painted by the author – convert to the reader the experience, that these archetypal dreamlike stories can become truly alive in ones soul.

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Also available in German: Königstochter und Zauberpferd

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