The aim of the Living Human Heritage Project is to reconnect modern humans in an inspiring way to the living spirit of our human heritage. This aim is reached by a solid scientific knowledge of the specific human heritage and by a careful interpretation of the material in a way that is centered on the material itself and not on any preconceived theory.


Arabic Alchemy

The Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum (CALA) edited by Theodor Abt and Wilferd Madelung

I. Ibn Umail, Mohammed:

Book of the Explanation of the Symbols. Kitab Hall ar-rumuz:

  • CALA I – Arabic-English, collation and translation (Zurich 2003) (vergriffen / out of print)
  • CALA I A – Psychological Interpretation by Marie-Louise von Franz (Zurich 2006) (improved translation of CALA I commented on sectionwise)
  • CALA I B – Psychological Interpretation by Theodor Abt (Zurich 2007) (improved translation of CALA I commented on sectionwise)
  • Theodor Abt: The Great Vision of Mohammed ibn Umail (Los Angeles 2003). (The revised text about Ibn Umails “Great Vision” is to be found in CALA IB.)

The Pure Pearl. Ad-Durra an-naqiya and other texts:

  • CALA V – Arabic Edition with English translation (Zurich 2019)

Zosimos of Panopolis: The Book of Pictures. Mushaf as-suwar:

  • CALA II.1 – Facsimile of an Arabic Manuscript from the 13th century (Zurich 2007) (vergriffen / out of print)
  • CALA II.2 – English translation (Zurich 2011)
  • Supplement (The Book of Pictures). Edition of the Pictures and Introduction by Theodor Abt (Zurich 2007)

III. Zosimos of Panopolis: The Keys of the work. Kitab Mafatih as-san’a:

  • CALA III – Facsimile and translation of Zosimos’ Kitab Mafatih as-san’a (Zurich 2016)

IV. Maslama b. Qasim al-Qurtubi: The Book of the Rank of the Sage. Rutbat al-Hakim:

  • CALA IV – Collation of Arabic manuscripts with introduction by Wilferd Madelung and foreword by the series editor Theodor Abt (Zurich 2016)

Picture Interpretation

The Archetypal Dimension of Collective Problems

Symbolism of Animals

Symbolism of Legends and Fairytales

Modern Tales